4-Days Hoi An Travel Photography with Felix Hug

Visit Hoi An with Travel Photographer of the Year — Felix Hug
4 days of shooting and post processing, S$1,380 (course outline or sign up now)

Having shot the cover of the National Geographic Traveler guide for Vietnam, Felix Hug brings you on this trip to one of the most vibrant places in Vietnam — Hoi An.

From the Marble Mountains to the Champa ruins at My Son, this workshop is ideal for those looking to get immersed in a cultural experience with beautiful images to show for it at the end. Rather than rushing from one place to another and frantically shooting everything that passes by, let Felix show you when and where to be in Hoi An to get the best shots.

It is recommended and suitable for serious photographers, as well as aspiring amateurs who have basic working knowledge of their cameras and looking to take their skills further.

We’ve always felt there is too much photography and too little experiential travel nowadays with most travel photography workshops. So this workshop is perfect for those looking for a relaxed, yet photographically rewarding travel experience.

Combine this with a cozy boutique hotel where you can experience a potpourri of cuisines comprising Vietnamese, Chinese and French dishes (and combinations thereof!) for relaxing your body and taste buds.

You will be rejuvenated everyday to handle the shoots and assignments having feasted on the multitude of cuisines and fortified with Vietnamese coffee.

National Geographic Traveler cover shot by Felix Hug

National Geographic Traveler cover page photo by Felix Hug. Find out how he shot this photo on the workshop!

Learn to Handle the Tricky Light at Sunrise

Sunrise at Hoi An Harbour by Felix Hug

Sunrise at Hoi An Harbour by Felix Hug

Processing tons of images at the end of your holidays can be a daunting task. This workshop has 2 sessions on postproduction. Learn to process and convert your RAW files and manage your image library so you can share your masterpieces online while sipping your Vietnamese coffee from the comfort of the hotel.

Mingle with the Locals and Understand their Lifestyle

Lantern Shop by Felix Hug

Lantern Shop by Felix Hug

While most tourists sweat it out in the sun wondering what to point their cameras at, you will be at the right place and right time, be it the dawn at the harbour or the full moon festivities at night. You will interact with the locals when Felix introduces street photography and shooting discreetly while on the move.

Shoot under Continuous Guidance from the Instructor

And of course, you get to fool around with the instructor as well!

A good old jump shot with Felix.

Most travel photography workshops pack large number of participants with varied skills in one big group. This workshop is a premium workshop kept to a size of 6-12 persons max so that each student gets the attention needed to learn effectively and get great pictures at the end of the workshop.

Course Outline

Lesson DetailsTimings and Activities
Day 1
Location: Hotel, Hoi An

  • Arrival and individual checkin

  • Shooting location-brief handouts and explanations on your camera settings

  • Brief Session from Felix on " The Better Travel Image"

  • The customary Eyes on Asia welcome dinner to introduce you to the team and your fellow photographers.
Day 2
Location: Hoi An Old Town, Marble Mountains

  • Early morning session in Hoi An

  • Marble Mountains

  • Street Photography in Hoi An

  • Twilight Images and Full Moon activities in the Old Town

    Day 3
    Location: Hotel, Hoi An Old Town

    • Sunrise Shoot at Hoi An

    • Market, Cooking school or street photography (by choice)

    • First Image Critique session

    • Travel portraitures in Hoi An
    Day 4
    Location: Hoi An, My Son Ruins

    • My Son Ruins

    • RAW Conversion & Postproduction session

    • Old Town historical sites photography with a "sense of place"

    • Light Painting session

    Day 5
    Location: Hoi An Old Town

    • Early morning session Hoi An

    • Final Postproduction

    • Second Image critique session of your top images

    • Individual departure

    Course Requirements

    Participants must bring their own camera (DSLR or mirrorless equivalents with manual controls), laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop installed (we recommend CS4 or later). A 30-day trial for Adobe Lightroom 5 is available from Adobe.

    A tripod is a must for this workshop. A moderate level of fitness would be required as this workshop involves trekking over short distances and climbing steep slopes. No hiking equipment is needed.

    Graduated filters while not mandatory would be nice to have on this workshop.


    The workshop fees of $1380 includes:

    • Airport transfer to and from Danang and Hoi An
    • All land transport cost during the course of the workshop by bus and bicycle
    • Workshop Fees
    • Accommodation (twin sharing) at Hoi An
    • Breakfast at Little Hoi An Boutique Hotel
    • Dinner on First Day at Morning Glory Restaurant

    The fees does not include:

    • Air Tickets to and from Singapore and Vietnam
    • Visa fees (if applicable)
    • Insurance (Compulsory)
    • Meals and drinks (breakfast is included)
    • Personal Expenditures for food and medicines
    • Tips

    Course Schedule

    This course is currently not available. Please check back again.

    See the Course Outline for details on the activities and timings of the workshop.