Travel Workshops

Learn while you travel with us to various places and capture photos you’ve always dreamed of!

Travel Photography: Mount Bromo

4 Days/3 Nights, S$1200

Learn to shoot the night sky at Cemoro Lawang and Mount Bromo

Phocus’ first overseas destination where amateurs and our former participants can put their skills to the test shooting fantastic landscapes and portraits in the beautiful land of the Tenggerese People.

Let our instructor bring you to this magical place of lunar landscapes and epic star filled skies and show you how to capture awesome pictures of Mt. Bromo and the surrounding area.

Editing and postprocessing will also be done during the trip so you can come back and have print worthy photos ready for your wall. This is the ideal travel photography workshop to start with if you are looking to start doing travel photography seriously. 

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Ladakh: Winter Photography Workshop Tour

8 Days/7 Nights, S$3380

Winter Photography Workshop Tour to Ladakh

Capture photos of picturesque Ladakh wrapped in snow and ice without the mess of tourism! Meet nomads, capture their lifestyles and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals as they warm you up for your frigid shoots! 

This workshop will bring you to beautiful Pangong Lake (covered in ice!) and nomadic settlements of the Changpas. Editing and postprocessing will also be done during the trip so you can come back and have print worthy photos ready to burn your friends in envy!

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Kutch: Cultural Photography Workshop Tour

8 Days/7 Nights, S$2800

Cultural Photography Tour to Kutch in India

Phocus brings you to the remote and relatively less photographed part of India in this cultural photography workshop tour to Kutch. While the area sees lesser tourists, it is just as rich in culture and tradition, making it much more rewarding for the photographer than the over photographed tourist destinations like Rajasthan and Kerala. 

Located in the western most corner of Mainland India, Kutch has the right blend of colourful traditions and surreal landscapes to keep every type of photographer clicking away, be it the fast vanishing robes of the traditional Rabari Shepherds or the salt flats of the Rann of Kutch. We keep the groups to a max of 6 persons per instructor thus ensuring everyone gets the space and time to make beautiful images of this beautiful land. 

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Theyyam: The Dancing Gods of Kerala

4 Days/3 Nights, S$1200

Theyyam Photography Workshop Kerala

Witness the humans turning divine in the majestic dance of the living gods of Kerala. Theyyam is an eye opening experience for anyone looking for an overdose of culture, colours and action. 

Nothing we say or show can prepare you for the riot of colours and energy of movement that you will witness when you join us for this workshop in North Kerala. 

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