Beginners/Foundation Classes: Practical Photography (5 weeks) | Practical Photography for Busy People (1 week) | Practical Lightroom (1 day) | Introduction to Videography (2 days) | iPhone Photography Workshop (1 day, 5 hours)
Intermediate Classes: Studio Portraiture (4 days) | Landscape Photography (2 days) | Lighting on Location (1 day) | Film Photography (4 days) |
Other Classes: One-on-One Private Tuition (Flexible) | Gift a Workshop

Practical Photography (Foundation Class)

7 sessions, 2 hours each, S$480
Environmental Portrait of Tea-maker from Little India Outing

Environmental Portrait of Tea-maker from Little India Outing in Singapore

Minimal classroom time, maximum shooting time. Our Practical Photography workshop epitomises our approach to teaching photography.

Instead of getting you to memorise scary terms like aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, we prefer to bring you out to the field in various locations in central Singapore and show you what they really mean—and what you can do with them.

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Looking for something shorter with fewer weekend classes? Try the 4‑session Practical Photography for Busy People that is completed within a week.

Studio Portraiture Class

4 sessions, 2 hours each, S$450
Lighting and Posing Techniques for Photographers

Learn professional lighting and posing techniques

Lighting setups are everywhere, but not everyone understands why a light was placed in a certain position or aimed at a particular angle. In studio portraits, even a minute shift in the position or angle of light can make the difference between a keeper and a bad portrait.

By giving you 5 out of 8 hours of hands-on training, our Studio Portraiture workshop equips you with a strong foundation in both lighting concepts so you’d be able create your own setups that others will be wanting to follow, and in posing and directing techniques so that your models look as good as possible.

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Practical Photography for Busy People

4 sessions, 2 hours each, S$320
Learn photography fast with Practical Photography for Busy People—from camera handling to technical controls to composition to digital editing all within a week

Learn photography fast with Practical Photography for Busy People—from camera handling to technical controls to composition to digital editing all within a week

Specially catered for the busy person, Practical Photography for Busy People teaches you the fundamentals of good photography in just 4 sessions conducted within a week.

Adapted from our highly popular Practical Photography workshop, we shorten the workshop from 5 weeks to 1 week by teaching theory classes on weekday night, and shooting during weekend evenings.

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Landscape Photography

3 sessions, 2–3 hours each, S$320
Changi Broadwalk, Singapore by Yiren

Changi Broadwalk, Singapore by Yiren

Singapore may not have a Grand Canyon or a Ha Long Bay, but that didn’t stop landscape photographer Chen Yiren from exploring the quieter sides of Singapore.

Find out the tips and tricks to shooting great landscape photographs in this 3‑session workshop comprising a theory class, review session, sunrise and sunset shoot. Get first hand advice on your shots during the shoot, and find out what can be bettered in the review session.

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Lighting On Location (aka ‘strobist’)

1 session of 4 hours, S$220
Discover the tricks to choosing effective backgrounds, learn to overpower ambient for drama.

Discover the tricks to choosing effective backgrounds, learn to overpower ambient for drama.

This workshop answers your “strobist” needs and is perfect for those wanting to blend flash and ambient light.Learn the techniques to overpower ambient light for drama, blend your flash with ambience for natural-looking portraits, or colour your shots with gels.

Get tips from your instructors and lots of hands-on practice on choosing effective backgrounds for your lighting on location portraits.

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Practical Lightroom Workshop

1 session of 2–3 hours, Private one-on-one
Dive right into Lightroom in a hands-on and practical manner.

Dive right into Lightroom in a hands-on and practical manner.

Most computer classes are often dull and boring, especially when the instructor drones on and on about every single menu and function of the software.Luckily we’re more of photographers than we are computer nerds, and like you, we prefer to learn by diving right into Lightroom and start working on the photos.

Bring your laptop with the current version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom installed (30-day trial available from Adobe) and discover how to put the best photo management software to good use right away.

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iPhone Photography Workshop

1 Day, 5 hours, S$250

iPhone Photography Class in Singapore
Learn to take great photos on your iPhone and create DSLR effects like long exposures, light trails and shallow depth of field with little more than the built in camera and a couple of simple apps!

Photography has always been more about the photographer than about the camera. And what better way to prove this than to put the bigger cameras to shame by achieving similar effects using that slim and trim telecom device in your pocket.

A small camera and a small class (6−8 participants) make for great learning and lots of fun!

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Film Photography

4 sessions, 2 to 3 hours each, Private one-on-one

Learn to shoot different types of film - from negatives to slides

Learn to make photographs, old school style. In the absence of review screens and histograms, it’s just you, your camera, light and films (provided by us!)

After this workshop, you’ll have an affinity for colours and tones, the likes of which are yet to be surpassed by the digital era.

From loading your first film to seeing your images on a light box, you’ll learn to shoot different films under various lighting conditions.

You’ll process your films and have them scanned so you can get your friends to gasp at your masterpieces.

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Introduction to Videography

3 sessions, Total 8 hours, Private one-on-one

Video Editing

Plan, shoot and edit your own movies without the fancy equipment and expensive cameras. Learn a simple workflow that allows you to shoot smooth and well sequenced movies on the most basic cameras (yes, we are referring to your smartphone cameras as well).

A small class and even smaller teams (for assignments) will ensure you know what it feels like to play the roles of model, cinematographer and editor.

At the end of the workshop, you will be prepared to shoot shake movies and take your skill to the next level.

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Gift a Workshop

Surprise your friends and loved ones by gifting one of our workshops for that special moment! We offer gift certificates for most of our workshops and for private consultation too. Alternatively, you can also purchase cash vouchers which can be redeemed against private and regular workshops.

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One-on-One Private Class

Minimum booking of 2 hours/session, S$150/hour

Can’t find anything that suits your interest and proficiency level, or just can’t fit your schedule into our regular workshops? We can tailor-make a workshop to your exact needs.