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Learn to take awesome photos with your iPhone
1 session, 5 hours, S$250

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The excuse, “I shot this on my iPhone, so it doesn’t look that good” can’t be used anymore. As long as you are on an iPhone 6 or later, you have a pretty powerful camera in your hands and there are no more excuses for taking bad photos.

Yes, we know there are some things the iPhone cannot do but there are so much it can do and we are here to exploit that in the best possible ways! So stop listening to that friend, who tells you light trails and blurry backgrounds are only for the big and unwieldy cameras, and start shooting amazing photos with your nimble iPhone.

We will train you to take stunning photos with your iPhone in daylight and at night. You might have the latest and greatest apps on the phone but knowing what each one does and choosing the right app for the right situation can be a pain especially when shooting on the move.

Hence, we’ve narrowed your shooting app requirements to two (on and above the native camera app) and we will also show you when to use which app for the quickest and most efficient shooting experience while you are on holiday or just talking a walk through your neighbourhood.

What’s more, we’ll also show you how to edit photos in your phone to ensure they turn out just right for your social media platforms. So using a simple workflow of shoot, edit and post you’ll find yourself shooting effortlessly on the move while the others drag their expensive camera gear hoping to be able to drop the camera bag and call it a day.

Cell phone Photography

We have minimised classroom time to 2 hours at most so you will spend 4 out of 6 hours of your workshop going out to take pictures and edit them on the go. At the end of the workshop you will be able to:
  1. Use the native camera app effectively: Shoot beautiful images using the built in camera app including pictures with blurry out of focus (bokeh) backgrounds and close ups.
  2. Use additional apps to create special effects: contrary to popular belief, long exposures and light trails are also possible with the iPhone with the use of specific apps.
  3. Edit photos on the phone quickly and post them on social media: No point carrying a small phone and a big laptop so editing on the phone with powerful editing applications would allow you to show off your photos on social media even before you get home after the workshop!

Slow shutter speeds, light trail, deliberate motion blur, panning, shallow depth of field and everything you thought was strictly in the realm of DSLR and other expensive cameras are now in that humble telecom device you call the iPhone.

The best part? We only have 6–8 people per class so small gear and small groups make for a great learning and lots of fun!

 Light trails and long exposures are no longer a dream for the cell phone shooter!

Light trails and long exposures are no longer a dream for the cell phone shooter!

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Course Outline

Lesson detailsTopics covered and learning objectives
Lesson 1

Location: the Hive Lavender, 1 Kallang Junction

  1. Capabilities and Limitations of Cell Phones in Photography

  2. Camera Handling

  3. Focusing & brightness (Exposure)

  4. Controlling focus and brightness independently.

  5. Built in camera controls vs external applications for photography

  6. Which apps and why? Our recommendations for apps

  7. Image Quality (DNG vs JPG)

  8. Lighting and Composition

Lesson 2
Guided Daylight Shoot

Location: Gardens by the Bay

  1. Applying techniques from session 1 in practice

  2. Controlling exposure on the move

  3. Controlling depth of Field

  4. Shooting motion, panning

Lesson 3
Low Light Shoot 

Location: City Hall/Fullerton Hotel 

  1. Achieving slow shutter speeds on the iPhone

  2. Creating deliberate motion blur

  3. Shooting light trails and night scapes

Lesson 4
Editing Images

Location: City Hall/Fullerton Hotel 

  1. Editing photos on the phone

  2. Correcting exposure and colour

  3. Exporting photos

Course Requirements

Participants must bring their own iPhone (iPhone 6 or later).

A small tripod is required for this workshop.  If you don’t have it, you can rent one from our business partner, Camera Rental Centre.  Click here for their contact information.

Course Schedule

March 2022 Class (Sunday)
  1. 20 March 2022, 2–4pm, 4.30–5.30pm, 6.30–8.30pm

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