Introduction to Videography

3 sessions, Total 8 hours, Private one-on-one
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It’s wonderful to have moving images with photographs after a holiday or during a day out with the kids. However shaky and disjointed videos can be a pain to view and your audience can get sick trying to keep up with a jerky video.

With a systematic workflow, from conceptualising to executing the shoot, participants would be able to plan, create and edit their videos with minimum equipment. Yes—your existing DSLR, your compact cameras, and even your iPhones and Samsungs can make great videos. So no—you don’t need a dedicated video camera for this workshop. At the end of it, you should be producing smooth, well sequenced videos that won’t nauseate your family and friends.

To make sure you meet the objectives, the workshop comprises at least 8 hours of shooting and editing. You would complete mini projects where you will play the role of a model, director, cinematographer and film editor thus giving you a strong foundation in sequencing a shoot from all perspectives.

So you are out there practicing the techniques as soon as you learn them, instead of going through slide after slide of technical theory. Your instructor would constantly review your shots and promptly answer your questions so you can progress fast.

Find out the tips and tricks to filming and editing a simple video in this 3‑session workshop comprising a theory, filming and editing class.

Video Editing

Course Outline

Lesson DetailsTopics Covered
Lesson 1

  1. Introduction to Video making

  2. Proper use of equipment

  3. Types of camera movements

  4. Composition

  5. Lighting

  6. Audio

  7. Hands-on
  8. Filming 

  9. Transferring and managing digital footage
Lesson 2 & 3

  1. Introduction to Video Editing

  2. Software orientation

  3. Sequencing clips

  4. Editing clips

  5. Adding transitional effects

  6. Adding supers, captions and subtitles

  7. Edit and adding audio tracks to clips

  8. Exporting videos

  9. Show and Tell

Objectives of workshop

  • appreciate a video-making process in terms of its composition and framing, camera movements
  • Conceptualise video editing as a process of layering different components (visual, audio, texts) of a video into one compilation
  • Create a 1‑minute video from scratch

Course Requirements

For 1st Session:
• Smartphone or tablets with video camera function with at least 1GB available storage data space for recording of video clips, OR Compact Digital Cameras
• Mobile-to-Laptop data cable
• Powerbank chargers

For 2nd and 3rd Session:
• Laptop and charger (Tablets do not have enough processing power for video editing and are not encouraged.)

Participants must bring their own camera (DSLR or compact with manual exposure modes).

Course Schedule

Currently this class is only available for one-on-one private workshop.  Please email your enquiry to