One-on-One Private Class

Want something that is customised to your needs? Look no further!

Very often, we have intermediate and advanced level photographers who find themselves lost in their art and lacking direction. So why not have a private session with our instructor (and professional photographer) look at your images and give you feedback and take your skill to the next level? 

Or you might be a total beginner but need a guide to slowly take you through the basics at your preferred learning speed and schedule. The internet might have confused you more than convinced you about your technicalities and aesthetics. Having someone work with you based on your preferred time frame and content would allow you have a more rewarding experience with photography. 

Whether its an intimate one on one session or a private group workshop, the flexibility in planning the time and contents of a customised workshop is unparalleled. Book a session with us if you want to bring your existing skills to the next level or just to recap techniques before a big trip. We’d be more than happy to plan something for you to meet your requirements in the best possible manner. 

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    1. If you need the workshop to be conducted on specific dates, please email us or call us at 9765 4224 (Mon–Fri, 9 AM‑5 PM) to confirm availability before making the payment. 

    2. Otherwise, you’ll arrange for a mutually agreeable date with your instructor to conduct the private workshop. 

    3. Once the workshop dates have been confirmed, you may postpone and reschedule a lesson to another date and time suitable for both you and your instructor by giving your instructor 48 hours notice. In the event of illness or emergency, you may postpone a lesson by informing your instructor as soon as possible. 

    4. In the unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled because your instructor is ill and not available to conduct for the workshop, you can choose to either receive full refund of the workshop fees, or to reschedule the workshop to another date and time suitable for both you and your instructor. 

    5. You have read and agree to our full sales & refund policy.

    6. Workshop fees once paid cannot be refunded for any reasons other than those stated in our full sales & refund policy. 

    7. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and your equipment during the workshop, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Phocus Pte. Ltd., its instructors and employees from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damages and and costs resulting from taking part in the workshop. 

    8. Fees paid exclude studio rental and model fees for private lessons on studio lighting and portraiture. 

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