Travel Photography: Cemoro Lawang and Mt. Bromo

Shoot stunning landscapes and explore local culture through this travel photography workshop.
4 days of shooting and post processing, S$1200 (see discount, course outline or sign up now)

Go overseas with our instructor and shoot beautiful landscapes on location at Cemoro Lawang and Mt. Bromo.

Most people visit Mount Bromo on a package tour, fighting their way through a throng of tourists while trying to get a glimpse of it during sunrise. Within a day, they are off, having missed a sky full of stars and the warm hospitality of the Tengerrese people, not to mention having only gotten pictures filled with other tourists.

We on the other hand, believe travel photography is more about the travel than about the photography. Rather than fight through crowds of tourists, we’d rather spend more time soaking in the culture and getting better pictures by moving in small groups (no more than 6 participants on this workshop) and mingling with the locals. We also make sure you get pictures free of other tourists and annoying distractions.

From the sunrise at Penanjakan to the sea of sand surrounding Mt. Bromo, this workshop will bring you to this lunar landscape and give you a hands on experience in shooting and editing your images like a pro. We’ve done the groundwork in scouting for the best locations and timings for your shoots so all you have to do is turn up, shoot, edit and immerse yourself in the local culture.

When not shooting the splendid sunrise or the Milky Way in its full glory, you will organise and process your pictures so you can go back home with a set of pictures processed and ready for print and web.

This workshop is a premium workshop kept to an extremely small size of 6 persons max so that each student gets the attention needed to learn effectively and get great pictures at the end of the workshop.

It is recommended and suitable for serious photographers, as well as aspiring amateurs who have basic working knowledge of their cameras (DSLR, mirror less interchangeable lens cameras and compacts with manual exposure) and looking to take their skills further.

Learn to shoot the night sky at Cemoro Lawang and Mount Bromo

Shoot the Milky Way in its full glory on this workshop.

Learn to Handle the Tricky Light at Sunrise

Sunrise from Mt. Penanjakan

Panorama of Mount Bromo, Semeru and Batok.

Not only during the shoot but also in post production, learn to blend, stitch and merge photos for panoramas and start trails during the post processing session after every shoot. The instructors will also orientate you with Photoshop and Lightroom during the course of the workshop.

Mingle with the Locals and Explore the Tengerrese Culture

Interact with horsemen and mingle with the locals.

Interact with horsemen and mingle with the locals.

While Bromo is more well known for its awesome landscape, the people in this land are like none other in Java and have a unique culture. You will interact with horsemen, farmers and other people making a living in this mountainous land. While shooting landscapes can be fun, it’s always great to add a couple of photos documenting the culture and lifestyles of the local people.

Shoot under Continuous Guidance from the Instructor

"Kopi" after a cold morning shoot.

“Kopi” after a cold morning shoot.

Most travel photography workshops pack large number of participants with varied skills in one big group. With just 6 people on the workshop, it won’t be difficult getting the instructor’s attention. Our instructors are down to earth and ready to rough it out to ensure you get the best travel experience. Feel free to pick their brains after the shoots, during meals and drinks.

Course Outline

Lesson DetailsTimings and Activities
Workshop Briefing
Location: Studio, Singapore

    Briefing from 730-830pm
  • Equipment check for cold weather and mild trekking

  • Camera, lenses and tripod check

  • Food and dietary queries

  • Checklist for packing

  • indemnity and Insurance

Day 1
Location: Singapore-Surabaya-Cemoro Lawang

    Depart Singapore
    ~6pm: Arrival at Cemoro Lawang
  • Dinner

  • Preparation for dawn shoot

    Day 2
    Location: Cemoro Lawang, Mt. Penanjakan & Mt. Bromo

      Sunrise Shoot 1
    • 3am: Depart for Penanjakan Viewpoint for sunrise shoot.

    • 530am: Depart for Bromo

    • 6am: Arrival at Mt Bromo for recce and planning of sunrise shoot for Day 2.

    • 7am: Depart Mt. Bromo for Cemoro Lawang.

    • 8am: Arrival at Cemoro Lawang for breakfast

    • 9am: Rest and Recuperation at hotel.

    • Review and Post Processing 1
    • 11am: Critique and Feedback on participants photos. Basic Lightroom techniques for organising and processing photos.

    • 1pm: Lunch

    • 2pm: Using Photoshop for Blending and stitching photos.

    • Night Shoot 1
    • 4pm: Recce for Night shoot and Star trail shoot

    • 530pm: Dinner

    • 7pm: Night Shoot 1

    • 9pm: On Location critique and feedback

    • 10pm: Preparation for sunrise shoot.

    Day 3
    Location: Cemoro Lawang & Mt. Bromo

      Sunrise Shoot 2
    • 330am: Drive to Mt. Bromo for Sunrise Shoot

    • 4am: Arrival at Mt. Bromo

    • 5am: Rendezvous with horsemen for environmental photos at Mt. Bromo.

    • 6am: Return from Mt. Bromo to Cemoro Lawang.

    • 630am: Breakfast at Cemoro Lawang

    • 8am: Rest and recuperation

    • Review and Post Processing 2
    • 11am: Review and Critique of participant's photos

    • 1pm: Lunch

    • 2pm: Blending Star Trail Photos from Night Shoot 1

    • 3pm: Editing and preparing photos for showcase.

      Night Shoot 2
    • 530pm: Dinner

    • 7pm: Night Shoot 2

    • 9pm: On Location critique and feedback

    • 10pm: Drinks and Participant's Photo Showcase

    Day 4
    Location: Studio
    Cemoro Lawang & Surabaya

      Free and Easy
    • Participants may choose to join the instructor on a shoot or pursue their own activities.

    • Depart for Singapore
    • 8am: Depart Cemoro Lawang for Surabaya

    • 1230pm: Arrival at Surabaya airport

    Course Requirements

    Participants must bring their own camera (DSLR or mirrorless equivalents with manual controls), laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop installed (we recommend CS4 or later). A 7-day trial for Adobe Lightroom CC is available from Adobe.

    A tripod is a must for this workshop. A moderate level of fitness would be required as this workshop involves trekking over short distances and climbing steep slopes. No hiking equipment is needed.

    Graduated filters while not mandatory would be nice to have on this workshop.


    The workshop fees of $1200 includes:

    • Airport transfer to and from Surabaya Airport and Cemoro Lawang
    • All land transport cost during the course of the workshop
    • Workshop Fees
    • Accommodation (twin sharing) at Cemoro Lawang for 3 nights and 4 days
    • Entry fees for Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
    • Horseman Fees
    • Breakfast

    The fees does not include:

    • Air Tickets to and from Singapore and Surabaya
    • Visa fees (if applicable)
    • Insurance (Compulsory)
    • Meals and drinks (breakfast is included)
    • Personal Expenditures for food and medicines
    • Tips

    Course Schedule

    September 2017 Class (AVAILABLE NOW FOR BOOKING)

    From September 14 to 17

    1. 8 September 2017: 7.30-8.30pm: Workshop Briefing in Singapore
    2. 14 September 2017: Depart Singapore
    3. 14 September 2017: ~ 6pm: Arrive at Cemoro Lawang
    4. 15 September 2017: Workshop
    5. 16 September 2017: Workshop
    6. 17 September 2017: Depart Cemoro Lawang
    7. 17 September 2017: Arrive at Surabaya Airport (depart for Singapore)

    See the Course Outline for details on the activities and timings of the workshop.

    Promotions & Discounts

    Bring-a-friend Promotion — $30 off

    Get $30 off your course fee when you sign up with your friends and make payment together.

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