Join us at our next Travel Photography Workshop to Mount Bromo and Cemoro Lawang!

Practical Photography

Environmental Portrait from Little India

Minimal classroom time, maximum shooting time. Learn photography in a highly practical yet leisurely pace with the seven-session Practical Photography course conducted weekly, or accelerate your learning with our four-session Practical Photography for Busy People class in just 3 days.

Studio Portraiture

Lighting for Fashion

Good posing, strong rapport and great lighting are key ingredients to a good studio portrait. With a strong emphasis on hands-on training, in-class projects and a final model shoot, our Studio Portraiture workshop equips you with a strong foundation in lighting and posing.

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography with Chen Yiren

Singapore may not have a Grand Canyon or a Ha Long Bay, but that won’t stop you from getting great landscape photographs. Find out the tips and tricks to shooting great landscape photographs in this 3‑session workshop comprising a theory class, review session, sunrise and sunset shoot.

Less equipment, less theory, more photography is our guiding philosophy to learning photography.

About The Academy

Phocus Academy is a photography school based in Singapore founded in 2009 by Nanda and Junjie. The academy was founded for people interested to learn photography in a practical, hands-on, fun and small-group setting.

Our class size is the smallest among photography schools in Singapore with the most number of practical guided field trips.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy—less equipment, less theory, more photography—was founded on years of experience in our interaction with photography enthusiasts of all levels and different learning goals.

By focusing less on equipment, our workshops are accessible to photographers with inexpensive cameras; theory is nice, but we realise most people just want to take good photos—and nothing beats going out there to shoot.

Our Range of Workshops

We have a range of photography workshops, courses and classes that cater to students with different interests and level of proficiency—from beginners to advanced photographers. Our photography workshops are highly accessible because they are brand- and medium-agnostic.

Students can thus benefit from our photography classes whether they shoot digital or film, DSLR or compact, Canon or Nikon.