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Choosing between a DSLR or a compact camera

Even the most capable compact camera out there cannot do certain things that a DSLR can. For some people, these differences do not matter; for others, they are dealbreakers. Before you decide to get a DSLR, take a look to see if you really need to have these functions.

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What to think about before you board the jet

Be it for work-related purpose or holiday, just about everyone carries some form of camera with them when traveling. It could be as simple and compact as the cellular phone, or as bulky and complex as a full-fledged DSLR camera with an assortment of lenses and other accessories. Whatever the reason or camera, travel photography has […]

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Where to get your strobist gear?

If you’re one of the 250,000 geeks who read David Hobby’s strobist blog, you might be looking for some lighting equipment and accessories to get you started—and if you haven’t been reading, you might want to get started with his excellent guide at budget lighting with Lighting 101. Unfortunately Singapore is not exactly a cheap place […]

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